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Arizona Computer was founded in 2010, but never had an offical name untill 2019. The business was run entirely by me, Ethan. I provided in-home computer repair for over 40 clients, gained entirely by word of mouth.


Today, Arizona Computer retains only the highest quality CompTIA A+ and Net+ certified technicians. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with a smile, and make sure that no fix is just a "quick fix". We maintain an amazing client base through hard work and quality, timely service, and promise to always make our best effort at any endeavor, and also to admit when we are unable to complete a task.

By sticking to these principles, we are able to provide the greater tri-city area of Northern Arizona with services that you can downright rely on.


We at Arizona Computer plan on continuing our services for the forseeable future. Eventually, depending on growth factors, we plan on potentially rebranding to Southwest Computer and expanding to the neighboring states. However, this is quite a long ways off. Rest assured, however, that no matter what our businesses' title is, we will ALWAYS provide the same quality service with a smile.
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